Fire sprinkler pipes and fittings application cases | Durastream-SEKISUI

“Durastream EX” is a CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin) compound of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group, specifically designed for fire sprinkler pipes and fittings applications. It is characterised by its high performance in terms of heat resistance, flame resistance, durability and ease of implementation. It meets the various standards required in the region or country where it is implemented. It also conforms to the international UL standard for certification, meets ASTM, other national standards, and is used in many regions and countries. Here are some examples of “Durastream EX” implementations.

Performance requirements for fire sprinkler pipes and fittings

Fire sprinkler systems implemented in buildings are basically piped between the pressurized water supply system and the sprinkler heads, which are filled with water. Flow detection devices are implemented at intermediate points in the pipework and are responsible for adjusting the flow rate when the sprinklers are released. If a leak occurs in the pipework, the flow regulator may malfunction and trigger the sprinklers.

Due to this system structure, the pipework must not only be resistant to heat in the event of fire (heat resistance and flame resistance), but also have mechanical strength, such as resistance to corrosion and resistance to pressure against constantly applied water pressure. “Durastream EX” has a high level of these performances.

Installation image

Superiority of “Durastream EX”

“Durastream EX” has many advantages when compared to other materials commonly used in fire sprinkler pipes and fittings applications. The advantages are explained here from three perspectives: flame resistance, rust resistance and ease of implementation.
First in terms of, flame resistance, shows a higher value for the limiting oxygen index compared to other plastic materials, which means that it does not burn under normal oxygen concentration.

Second, in terms of rust resistance, shows that metal pipes that have been implemented for several years have deteriorated and scale* has developed inside them, whereas the cross section of CPVC pipes shows less scale.

*Scale: A substance dissolved in the liquid flowing in the pipework that precipitates and adheres to the inside of the pipework. It is a type of water stain.

Third, in terms of ease in implementation, effectiveness was verified with regard to the number of personnel required for the work and the working time. The results showed that both the number of personnel and working time required were approximately half that of metal materials.
Tests conducted in comparison with ordinary metal pipes showed that the working time required to implement fire sprinkler pipes and fittings with “Durastream EX” was approximately half that of conventional metal pipes.

“Durastream EX” has been introduced as a product that meets the required standards for sprinkler systems, while reducing costs by reducing the workload on the implementation site. In recent years, new standards have been set, particularly in developing countries. SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is working with its customers, moulding manufacturers, to design formulations that meet the standards and develop better products.


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