Strengths of CPVC – Low heat storage and suitability for exterior applications

Heat Storage and Exterior Applications

Outdoor components such as window sills, siding, decking and fences need to withstand long-term deformation caused by temperature changes.

In general, thermoplastics absorb and store heat and are therefore prone to thermal deformation.

In this context, the following experimental results show that the heat absorption rate of SEKISUI’s CPVC compound “Durastream” is lower than that of common CPVC compounds. Thus, “Durastream” exhibits excellent properties in various aspects.


Light Source3 Infrared Lamp
Temperature Measurement
Non-Contact Thermometer
Distance Between Light – Sample30 cm

Testing Process

1. Expose the sample to a light source at a distance of 30 cm from the top.
2. Measure the temperature of the sample surface every minute.
3. Measurement completed after 10 minutes of exposure.



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