CPVC Compound “Durastream α”

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is working to reduce its environmental impact across the group, and has played a leading role in driving sustainability in the chemical industry.

“Durastream α” is a product made from CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin), which originally has a low environmental impact, from a sustainability perspective.

What is “Durastream α”?

“Durastream α” is a product within the “Durastream” range that is specifically designed to reduce environmental impact. CPVC is composed of 70% chlorine, making it less dependent on petroleum than other plastic materials.

In addition, “Durastream α” is an environment friendly CPVC compound that does not use tin as a stabilizer in the molding process.

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Heat stabilizers market trends

As the molding and decomposition temperatures of CPVC are close, thermal decomposition is likely to occur, and stabilizers are used to prevent this. In the past, lead and cadmium were used, but restrictions have been imposed from an environmental perspective and tin has become more common in recent years.

However, it has been pointed out that tin is also a heavy metal and therefore undesirable from the point of view of its effects on the human body and health if not handled in an appropriate manner. This led to a search for a tin-free stabilizer, and SEKISUI was the first company in the world to establish mass production technology, resulting in “Durastream α.”


Product overview

“Durastream” α uses COS (Calcium Organic Systems) as stabilizer. It is mainly intended for hot/cold water supply pipes and fittings applications and has excellent properties. It is a durable material that does not rust like metal pipework and is resistant to deterioration of pipework functions due to scale.


Why choose “Durastream α”?


The strength of “Durastream α” is its friendliness to nature and people. It also inherits the excellent performance of “Durastream” and has the generous implementation support that only SEKISUI can provide.

In terms of performance, the product offers excellent performance in various functions such as heat resistance, flame resistance, low smoke emission, mechanical strength, insulation, voltage resistance and chemical resistance, and has high impact resistance amongst the many CPVC products available.

In addition, SEKISUI can flexibly respond to customer requirements in raw material formulation, allowing chlorination levels to be changed as required and heat resistance and formability to be adjusted.

We provide extensive introduction support to moulding manufacturers by dispatching engineers from the product planning and design stage through to the selection of moulding equipment, prototyping and production improvement. This is a strength made possible by the fact that SEKISUI is also a moulding manufacturer.

As for international certification, the company is highly trusted because it is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a strict international standard.


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