Hot/cold water supply pipes and fittings application cases

The performance requirements for piping vary according to the type of building and application. The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s CPVC compound “Durastream” and “Durastream α”, which is specially designed to reduce environmental impact, have excellent features in a wide range of fields.

They are high-performance plastic materials that can be used in a wide range of building piping applications. This section describes the performance requirements for different types of buildings, as well as the possible applications for “Durastream” and “Durastream α.”

Types of buildings that can be installed

“Durastream” and “Durastream α” pipes maintain high water quality and have excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance.

They have obtained NSF certification, which sets strict international standards for drinking water safety, and are therefore used in a wide range of buildings as hot/cold water supply pipes and fittings in one-nuit houses, condominiums, flats, commercial premises and government facilities.

One-unit houses

The performance requirements for plumbing in one-unit houses vary, but durability is particularly important. The reason for this is that if occupants’ lives are disrupted by water leakage or other problems, it can easily lead to damage to the brand value of the house builder, and in the worst case scenario, the house builder may be forced to carry out repair work at its expense.

It is important that the housing is not damaged and can be used for a long time after it is handed over from the housing manufacturer to the client. In Japan, the rebuilding cycle is said to be around 30 years, but in Europe and the USA, the rebuilding cycle can exceed 100 years, so durability is particularly important in regions with long rebuilding cycles.

CPVC tends to be more expensive than other plastic materials such as PVC, but in the long term it is an inexpensive material. “Durastream” and “Durastream α” have been found to be more durable than other CPVC compound products. They minimise the frequency of pipe replacement and help to improve the brand value of house builders.


Condominiums and flats

As condominiums and flats are often used for a relatively longer period of time than houses, the water quality can deteriorate due to the build-up of scale* and other substances in the pipes.

In the case of condominiums for sale, the common area is divided into common and private areas, and as the owner is often not free to work on the common area, even if the water quality deteriorates, repairs may not be carried out to the appropriate extent and the problem may not be fully resolved. In order to avoid such problems, “Durastream” and “Durastream α” are highly advantageous as they are less likely to cause deterioration of water quality.

Ease of installation is also important for condominiums and flats. Compared to commercial and government buildings, the density of pipework tends to be higher, and processing must be quicker in the limited space available. “Durastream” and “Durastream α” can be easily cut and welded, thus contributing to shorter construction times.

*Scale: A substance that is dissolved in the liquid flowing in the pipework and deposits on the inside of the pipework. It is a type of water stain.


Commercial premises

In commercial premises, the emphasis is on mechanical strength. Larger facilities may use a central air-conditioning system, where the heat source equipment is located in one place and pumps deliver high-temperature water throughout the building.

The pipework must have excellent heat and pressure resistance in order to deliver hot water at high pressure to the air-conditioning units on each floor.
“Durastream” and “Durastream α” have higher heat resistance than other plastic materials and can withstand the high temperatures of hot water used for air conditioning.

Furthermore, their mechanical strength is also superior to that of other plastic materials, so they can withstand high pressure for long periods of time without deformation or expansion, making them safe to use in air-conditioning systems in commercial premises.


Government facilities

Government facilities are used for administrative work and as meeting places for local residents. They are required to serve as local infrastructure and, in the event of a disaster, also serve as evacuation centres and emergency response bases. If administrative work were to cease due to damage to pipes, for example, this would have a significant impact on a large number of people and could affect public confidence in the administration.

In addition, the Durastream can also play a symbolic role in environmental protection by taking the lead over private companies in using materials with a low environmental impact in the face of international calls for a reduction in environmental impact.

“Durastream” and “Durastream α” are durable, cost-effective materials that fully meet the performance requirements of public sector facilities, “Durastream α” is a heavy metal-free, sustainable product that contributes to the recycling of resources and can therefore be expected to raise awareness.


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