Implementation support

Although CPVC has a variety of excellent properties, suitable forming and processing processes are required to achieve all of these properties. Due to the high performance of the material, a high level of know-how is required at the manufacturing stage. SEKISUI provides extensive implementation support to its main customers, the molding manufacturers, so that they can bring highly productive products to market as quickly as possible.

Overview of support provided for Durastream product implementation

Productivity is extremely important for molding manufacturers. Even when using the same CPVC compound, productivity can vary greatly depending on whether an appropriate molding process can be established.
When implementing Durastream products, SEKISUI provides comprehensive implementation support to help molders achieve high productivity. This implementation support is one of SEKISUI’s strengths. This is only possible because SEKISUI is also a molding manufacturer and has accumulated know-how.


Integrated support from equipment selection to production improvement

SEKISUI provides a wide range of implementation support, from the planning stage to the production improvement stage.
In the prototype stage, SEKISUI engineers work together with molding manufacturers to find the optimum molding conditions to deal with the various challenges they face.

Through such implementation support, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group supports the product development of the molding manufacturer and contributes to the production of high-quality products, thereby increasing the corporate value of the customer.

Generous support


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