CPVC Compound ”Durastream HD”

Industrial piping is often used for special purposes, such as supplying not only normal water but also chemicals, gases, and high-temperature steam.
For this reason, they are required to have a very high level of mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and durability compared to typical residential water piping.

Sekisui Chemical offers “Durastream HD” as a CPVC compound for industrial piping.
Here, we introduce an overview of “Durastream HD” and its strengths.

What is “Durastream HD”?

”Durastream HD” is a CPVC compound specialized for industrial piping applications in ”Durastream” series.

It combines the mechanical strength, chemical resistance, durability, and other properties required for industrial piping.
CPVC pipes and fittings made from “Durastream HD” are used in many plants for industrial piping applications that require high levels of performance and reliability.

Durastream HD logo
Durastream HD logo
CPVC Compound
CPVC Compound

Product overview

SEKISUI offers its CPVC compound “Durastream HD” to molding manufacturers of CPVC piping materials (CPVC pipes and fittings) for industrial piping applications.

CPVC pipes and CPVC fittings made from the CPVC compound “Durastream HD” are highly suitable for industrial piping applications.

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The Sekisui Chemical Group is itself a molding manufacturer and has high technological capabilities in the field of molding, including extrusion and injection molding.
In addition to selling CPVC compounds, we can also offer process proposals based on our knowledge as a molding manufacturer.

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CPVC Compound, CPVC pipe
CPVC Compound, CPVC pipe
CPVC fittings
CPVC fittings

Why choose “Durastream HD” for industrial usage?

According to a survey conducted by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japan, 55.0% of pipe spill accidents are caused by physical factors such as corrosion and aging of pipes.
The consequences of a spill are immeasurable, including damage and compensation to plant workers and local residents, loss of productivity due to plant shutdown, administrative guidance, and damage to brand value due to publicity of the company name. That is why industrial piping is required to have high performance and reliability.

CPVC is a high-performance plastic material made by post-chlorination of PVC (vinyl chloride resin), which retains the characteristics of PVC while enhancing its performance in various ways.
CPVC has excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, flame retardance, and corrosion resistance, and is recommended as a material that meets the performance requirements of industrial piping.

CPVC pipes and CPVC fittings made from CPVC compound “Durastream HD” can be installed in harsh environments such as chemical plants and semiconductor factories. CPVC pipes and CPVC fittings can be installed in harsh environments such as chemical plants and semiconductor factories.

The main reasons why Durastream HD is chosen for industrial piping applications are as follows.

Mechanical strength

With a tensile strength of 55-58 MPa, which exceeds the engineering plastic standard of 50 MPa, and a flexural modulus of 2,800 MPa, which exceeds the engineering plastic standard of 2,400 MPa, Durastream meets the strength requirements. While other products may exceed its mechanical strength, “Durastream” has a high cost performance and well-balanced characteristics.

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Chemical resistance

Regarding chemical resistance, our strength is that it is high in both acidity and alkalinity, and is at a superior level compared to other companies’ products and metal products. Therefore, CPVC pipes and CPVC fittings can be used in a wide range of applications.

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High quality and reliability

In industrial piping applications, many users place particular emphasis on product quality and reliability, as the consequences of an accident, should one occur, can be devastating.

The Sekisui Chemical Group has a history of more than 70 years and has gained a global market share in the field of CPVC.
The technical capabilities that we have refined over the years are one of the reasons why our products are chosen around the world.
In many cases, our customers choose us not only for the high quality and reliability of our products, but also for being a reliable partner.

We are proud of the high quality and reliability of our “Durastream” series.

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Tensile Strength test
Tensile Strength test

Certified standards

“Durastream” complies with standards in various fields.

For example, we have obtained the international certification NSF for hot/cold water supply pipes and fittings applications. NSF (official name: National Sanitation Foundation) is a third-party organization that sets safety standards related to drinking water public health. It is rigorous and has earned high trust internationally, including being registered as a partner organization of the WHO.

Compounds for fire sprinkler piping and fittings applications are obtained UL certification. UL standards are product safety standards established by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). A product cannot be certified unless it operates without problems and has high durability even in harsh environments.
As mentioned above, “Durastream” complies with strict global standards and is highly trusted internationally.


CPVC piping for industrial usage
installation image for industrial pipework

“Durastream HD” has been introduced as a product that meets the required standards for industrial piping.

In recent years, industrial CPVC piping has been installed in a wide variety of plants and facilities in various countries and regions.

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SEKISUI Chemical Group is committed to developing better products for its customers, the moulding manufacturers, by designing formulations that meet their standards.


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