CPVC Compound (Pipes and fittings for industrial applications)

According to the results of a survey by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency in Japan, 55.0% of pipe spillages are caused by physical factors such as corrosion and ageing of pipes. The consequences of a spillage accident are immeasurable, including damage and compensation to plant workers and local residents, loss of productivity due to plant shutdowns, administrative guidance and damage to brand value due to the publication of the company’s name. That is why high performance is required for industrial piping.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin) compound Durastream is a highly versatile material that combines chemical resistance, durability and mechanical strength. Pipes and fittings moulded from “Durastream” have been introduced at a number of plants for industrial piping applications where a high level of performance is required.

Product overview

“Durastream” is a compound of CPVC, mainly supplied to moulding companies producing pipes and fittings for industrial piping applications. CPVC is a high-performance plastic material in which the PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin) is chlorinated to retain the performance of PVC, but with enhanced performance. It has excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance and corrosion resistance, making it an easy product to introduce for industrial piping applications.

It can be introduced in harsh environments such as chemical plants and semiconductor factories, where it is used for piping subjected to high temperatures and pressures, and for handling strong acidic, alkaline and organic solvents.

CPVC Compound (Pipes and fittings for industrial applications)2

Why choose “Durastream”?

“Durastream” is chosen for industrial pipes and fittings applications mainly because of its mechanical strength, cost effectiveness and excellent chemical resistance.

With a tensile strength of 55-58 MPa, which exceeds the engineering plastic standard of 50 MPa, and a flexural modulus of 2,800 MPa, which exceeds the engineering plastic standard of 2,400 MPa, Durastream meets the strength requirements. While other products may exceed its mechanical strength, “Durastream” has a high cost performance and well-balanced characteristics.

The strength of “Durastream” is that its chemical resistance is high in both acidity and alkalinity and is at a superior level compared to other companies’ products and metal products.


Certified standards

Durastream” complies with standards in various fields.

For example, we have obtained the international certification NSF for hot/cold water supply pipes and fittings applications. NSF (official name: National Sanitation Foundation) is a third-party organization that sets safety standards related to drinking water public health. It is rigorous and has earned high trust internationally, including being registered as a partner organization of the WHO.

Compounds for fire sprinkler piping and fittings applications are obtained UL certification. UL standards are product safety standards established by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). A product cannot be certified unless it operates without problems and has high durability even in harsh environments.
As mentioned above, “Durastream” complies with strict global standards and is highly trusted internationally.


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