CPVC Compund “Durastream EX”

Fire-extinguishing pipes such as sprinkler systems require high performance in terms of heat resistance and flame resistance.
Each country often has its own standards to which they must conform, and if they do not meet these standards, they may not be used as fire-extinguishing pipes.

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group offers “Durastream EX” as a CPVC compound for fire sprinkler pipes and fittings applications.
This section provides an overview of “Durastream EX” and its strengths.

What is “Durastream EX”?

“Durastream EX” is a CPVC compound in the “Durastream” series specially designed for fire sprinkler pipes and fittings applications.

It combines the physical properties required for fire sprinkler pipes and fittings, such as heat resistance and flame resistance.
It is also characterised by its compliance with international standards. Fire sprinkler systems and other fire sprinkler pipes are often subject to national and regional standards, and if they do not conform to these standards, they cannot be sold in that country or region, cannot be covered by fire insurance, or suffer other inconveniences.

Durastream EX logo
Durastream EX logo
CPVC Compound
CPVC Compound

Product overview

SEKISUI offers its CPVC compound “Durastream EX” to molding manufacturers of CPVC piping materials (CPVC pipes and fittings) for fire sprinkler piping applications.

CPVC pipes and CPVC fittings made from the CPVC compound “Durastream EX” are highly suitable for fire sprinkler plumbing applications.

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The Sekisui Chemical Group is itself a moulding manufacturer and has high technological capabilities in the field of moulding, including extrusion and injection moulding.
In addition to selling CPVC compounds, we can also offer process proposals based on our knowledge as a molding manufacturer.

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CPVC fire sprinkler pipes
CPVC fire sprinkler pipes
CPVC fire sprinkler fittings
CPVC fire sprinkler fittings
CPVC fire sprinkler piping cases③
CPVC fire sprinkler piping cases

”Durastream EX” Certification Standards

UL Standard is a safety standard for electrical products, materials, and components issued by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. It is a standard for function and safety and is widely recognized not only in the United States but also worldwide as a quality standard.

“Durastream EX” has obtained the UL Standard “QORR2 – Polymeric Materials for Use in Pipe and Fittings in Sprinkler Systems Piping – Component”.
Please check the UL website for the latest certification details.

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UL Standard logo
A reference of a certification test result

Why choose “Durastream EX” for fire sprinkler?

When compared to other materials commonly used in fire sprinkler piping applications, the CPVC compound “Durastream EX” has many advantages.
Here, the advantages are explained from three perspectives: flame resistance, Corrosion resistance and ease of installation.

Flame resistance

which is the most important factor in fire extinguishing pipes, the limiting oxygen index shows that “Durastream EX” has a value of 60%, which is higher than that of other plastic materials.
As the limiting oxygen index of wood is 25%, it can be said that Durastream EX does not burn unless the oxygen concentration is 2.4 times higher than that of wood.

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CPVC pipe burner test
CPVC pipe burner test
LOI CPVC vs PVC,CPVC vs Other materials
LOI CPVC vs PVC,CPVC vs Other materials

Corrosion resistance

Fire sprinkler pipes must maintain their function over a long period of time in case of fire.
If fire sprinkler pipes corrode or foreign matter accumulates inside, they will not be able to fulfil their required function.

While metal pipes that have been installed for several years have deteriorated and scale* has formed inside them, scale build-up on CPVC pipes is not much of a problem.
 *Scale: a substance dissolved in the liquid flowing in the pipework that precipitates and adheres to the inside of the pipework. A type of water stain.

CPVC pipes for fire sprinklers are as durable under hydrostatic pressure as metal pipes and can be used for a long time.

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Corroded metal pipes
Corroded metal pipes_inside
Corroded metal pipes_outside
Corroded metal pipes_outside

Ease of installation

The number of personnel and working time required for pipe installation work was verified.

When compared for the same application, CPVC pipes are much lighter than metal pipes. Being lightweight reduces the workload involved in transporting within the construction site. It also makes it easier to transport more pipes at once within the construction site, which contributes to reduced working time.

CPVC pipes can be easily cut using special tools. The pipes can be processed to the required length at the construction site while the installation can proceed quickly. Pipes and fittings can be easily and firmly joined using special adhesives.
Such work can be carried out by anyone with simple training and without the need for skilled labour.

As a result, both the number of personnel and working time can be reduced to about half that of metallic materials.
Tests conducted in comparison with standard metal pipes have shown that CPVC fire sprinkler pipes moulded from Durastream EX can be installed in about half the time.


CPVC fire sprinkler piping
CPVC fire sprinkler piping cases

“Durastream EX” has been introduced as a product that meets the required standards for fire sprinkler systems, while reducing costs by reducing the workload on the construction site.

In recent years, CPVC fire sprinkler piping has been installed in a wide range of building types in various countries and regions.

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SEKISUI Chemical Group is committed to developing better products for its customers, the moulding manufacturers, by designing formulations that meet their standards.


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