CPVC Compund “Durastream EX”

Fire-extinguishing pipes such as sprinkler systems require high performance in terms of heat resistance and flame resistance. Each country often has its own standards to which they must conform, and if they do not meet these standards, they may not be used as fire-extinguishing pipes. The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group offers “Durastream EX” as a CPVC compound for fire sprinkler pipes and fittings applications. This section provides an overview of “Durastream EX” and its strengths.

What is “Durastream EX”?

“Durastream EX” is a CPVC compound in the “Durastream” series specially designed for fire sprinkler pipes and fittings applications. It combines the physical properties required for fire sprinkler pipes and fittings, such as heat resistance and flame resistance. It is also characterised by its compliance with international standards. Fire sprinkler systems and other fire sprinkler pipes are often subject to national and regional standards, and if they do not conform to these standards, they cannot be sold in that country or region, cannot be covered by fire insurance, or suffer other inconveniences.

Product overview

The performance of “Durastream EX” is presented from three perspectives: physical properties, ease of implementation and durability.

In terms of physical properties, it can withstand high temperatures, with a heat resistance temperature of 110-130°C. The limiting oxygen index, an indicator of flame resistance, is 60%, which is a very high performance compared to other plastic materials.

In terms of ease of installation, it can be easily joined using adhesives, etc., and is superior to metal piping. Furthermore, its specific gravity is much lighter than that of metal piping, making it easier to work with.

In terms of durability, the hydrostatic pressure is as durable as metal piping and can be used for a long time.

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Why choose “Durastream EX” ?

Flame resistance and ease of implementation are typical strengths of “Durastream EX”.
In terms of flame resistance, which is the most important factor in fire extinguishing pipes, the limiting oxygen index shows that “Durastream EX” has a value of 60%, which is higher than that of other plastic materials. As the limiting oxygen index of wood is 25%, it can be said that Durastream EX does not burn unless the oxygen concentration is 2.4 times higher than that of wood.
Regarding ease of implementation, we conducted two independent verifications of effectiveness. The first factor was that the number of personnel required. We found that the number of personnel required to implement the pipework was only half that of metal pipework.

The second factor is processing time for implementation. While it takes about 3 minutes for metal products, we found that “Durastream EX” can complete the process in about half the time, at 1.5 minutes.

Flame resistance data


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