Pipes and fittings for industrial application cases

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin) compound Durastream is a product that satisfies the various performance requirements of industrial piping applications. This section introduces the performance required for industrial piping applications, the features of Durastream and presents the details of installation cases.

Performance requirements for industrial piping

There are many different types of industrial pipework. Products need to be selected according to the fluid being handled, such as those supplying water, air, fuel and pipework for sending chemicals. This is because damage to pipework can cause extensive losses, including damage to plant workers and local residents, as well as plant shutdowns.

Piping used in chemical plants requires heat resistance, mechanical strength and durability, as the fluids handled may be high temperature or high pressure. In addition, in the case of pipework used to handle chemicals, it is important that it does not deteriorate due to acids, alkalis, etc., so chemical resistance is important. Some chemicals are easily volatilised due to the electrification of the pipework, so electrical properties such as insulation must also be given due consideration.

“Durastream” covers the performance requirements of industrial piping, such as heat resistance, mechanical strength, durability, chemical resistance and insulation, at a high level.

Installation image
Strengths of CPVC - Chemical resistance_1


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