SEKISUI’s Technology

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has led the industry as a pioneer in the PVC field.

In particular, we have gained a global market share in the CPVC business. Behind this is our solid technological strength, which is based on the thoughts behind our company name, “SEKISUI.”

SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s Technology achieves High quality and Reliability

The origin of the word “SEKISUI” is from a line in Sun Tzu’s book, The Art of War: “The victor’s battle is fought with such force that it is like cutting a full volume of water (i.e. Sekisui) into a deep valley.” For us, the “full volume of water” here is the technology we have accumulated over the years.

We have been working on the CPVC business with pride in the Sekisui name. The CPVC compound “Durastream” is the result of our accumulated technology. Today, “Durastream” is highly regarded worldwide for its high quality and reliability, but it has been a long road to the present day.

Since its foundation in 1947, SEKISUI has been consistently developed PVC and CPVC and has accumulated its technology. 1964 saw the establishment of Tokuyama SEKISUI Kogyo, establishing a production base in the raw materials field that has continued to the present day. Furthermore, in 2013, a state-of-the-art plant was established in Thailand to meet the growing global demand for CPVC, leading to the establishment of a stable production system. Behind the “Durastream” brand lies the spirit of SEKISUI’s uncompromising technological research and Japanese manufacturing culture.


SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s CPVC for superior quality stability

The quality of CPVC is determined by how uniformly and at a high level the resin is chlorinated.

CPVC produced based on Sekisui’s advanced development and technological capabilities has achieved the production of excellent quality CPVC in which the entire resin is uniformly chlorinated at a high level. These unique technologies are one of the reasons why SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has gained a global market share in the CPVC field.

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Consistent technical support close to customers

One of the reasons we have received such a high reputation is due to our support system, at the service of our customers.

Most of our direct customers are molding manufacturers who mold and process “Durastream” into final products such as pipes.

We not only provide “Durastream” according to the specifications of our customers, but also respond to their requests by proposing the optimal formulation based on the intended use and required performance of the final product.We also provide technical support in the molding field. In order to improve the productivity and quality of final products for our customers, molding manufacturers, it is essential not only to improve the quality of the CPVC compound used as a raw material, but also to have technological capabilities in the molding field.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is itself a molding manufacturer and possesses high technological capabilities in the molding field, including extrusion and injection. We can also propose processes as an advantage of our knowledge as a molding manufacturer.
SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group’s comprehensive capabilities, covering everything from raw materials to molding and installation, provide solutions that are truly valuable to our customers.



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