CPVC Compound “Durastream”

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has a long history of PVC(polyvinyl chloride) resin manufacturing since 1964 when Tokuyama SEKISUI Kogyo Co. Ltd. was established.

The CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin) compound “Durastream” was successfully mass-produced by utilizing the technology that we have accumulated. This is the main product of SEKISUI’s PVC materials business, which is used all over the world.

What is “Durastream”?

“Durastream” is a CPVC compound product offered by the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group. The name is derived from the words ‘Durable’ and ‘Stream’, as it is often used in piping where durability is required.

CPVC is produced by a chlorination process in which PVC is polymerised with additional chlorine – a material with excellent durability in itself, but with further enhanced heat resistance, flame resistance, mechanical strength and chemical resistance, it can be used in harsh environments where ordinary PVC cannot be used.


Product overview

The pipes and fittings from the water heater to the tap must be heat resistant to high temperatures. It is also important that they are resistant to deterioration caused by chlorine in the water and that they are resistant to water quality degradation and flow pressure caused by scale build-up in the pipes due to corrosion.

Pipes made from “Durastream” are used in many applications, but are particularly successful in hot/cold water pipes and fittings. It is used in hot/cold water pipes and fittings applications because of its particularly high heat resistance and chlorine resistance among plastic materials, its resistance to rust and scaling like metal materials, and its excellent mechanical strength.


Why choose “Durastream”?

The strengths of “Durastream” are its superior performance, extensive implementation support and international certification.

In terms of performance, the product exhibits excellent performance in various functions such as heat resistance, flame resistance, low smoke emission, mechanical strength, insulation, voltage resistance and chemical resistance. In addition, SEKISUI can flexibly respond to customer requirements in the formulation of raw materials and can adjust various properties.

In terms of implementation support, SEKISUI provides extensive implementation support to moulding manufacturers, from the product planning and design stage through to prototyping and production improvement. This is a strength made possible by the fact that SEKISUI is also a moulding manufacturer.

In terms of international certification, we have earned a high level of trust through strict international standards, such as the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification.


Certified standards


Sekisui’s “Durastream” received NSF certification in 2013, an international certification for drinking water sanitation equipment.

While there are few CPVC compound manufacturers that have obtained NSF certification, SEKISUI is contributing to the sanitary environment of drinking water around the world by providing products that meet safety standards.


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