Productivity enhancement results by “Durastream”

Improving OEE With “Durastream” CPVC

The CPVC compound “Durastream” optimises Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) due to its excellent quality and stability. The raw material’s excellent thermal stability increases production speed and minimises losses. The raw material is produced using SEKISUI’s unique chlorination process, which provides excellent thermal stability.

How to Improve Productivity and Minimize Production Cost

SEKISUI provides high-quality compounds and at the same time contributes to improving customer productivity through technical support.

An indicator of productivity is OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency): an OEE score of 100% means the product is manufactured with a high degree of reliability.

OEE is calculated by multiplying three factors: availability, performance and quality.


SEKISUI has extensive knowledge in optimising OEE. We always do our best to propose products and services that improve our customers’ productivity and minimize their production costs.

Our Products and Services That Help Improve OEE

1. Compounds That Achieve High Productivity

Products with high productivity and low defect rates

Optimum formulation design based on resins with high thermal stability provides compounds that are easy to mould and of high quality.

Thermal Stability of the Compound Itself
Internal Test
Test Method: Oil Bath
Test Temperature: 205°C (401°F)

When moulded with SEKISUI’s CPVC compound “Durastream”, it delays the dehydrochlorination that occurs over time. As a result, the product is less prone to burning, resulting in higher productivity.

Results of Evaluation of Lab Extruder
Conical φ50
Unit: KG/Hour (Extrusion Speed)

High production speeds can be achieved by using the CPVC compound “Durastream”. This enables shorter production times and reduced costs.

2. Molding Technical Services

Through trial production, recommendations for optimal production conditions, and productivity improvements

Through joint prototyping, SEKISUI will propose optimum production conditions and productivity improvements.

In addition, SEKISUI has decades of expertise in CPVC, PVC and equipment. We have a bird’s eye view of the entire system and can propose OEE improvements based on our experience.


3. Process Design & Technical Services

Recommendations for moulds, screw geometry and production processes

The condition of the extruder and moulds is analyzed by checking temperatures and pressures through extrusion simulation. Material design and production engineering support is then provided.


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